Ethical Storytelling Workshop

Date: Sat 29 June 2019

Time: 10:30am – 1:30pm

Venue: Hutt St Library, Adelaide, Australia.

Target audience

Many people write other people’s stories: family historians, journalists, social justice advocates, and NGOs seeking donor dollars. This workshop will examine ethical questions that arise when writing these kinds of stories.


• What can these stories hope to achieve?
• Should this story be told? Should I be the one telling this story?
• Permissions, privacy and story ownership
• Potential pitfalls such as over-simplification
• The interplay between the writer’s agenda and the subject’s lived experience

Participants will be invited to respond to examples of representation in writing and art and, through this, develop strategies to help us write other people’s stories well.

Key outcomes

  1. Understand tension that exists in our duty to subject, reader, story and self.
  2. Develop an ethical framework to evaluate and guide our storytelling.
  3. Consider various interview techniques and how these might shape the writing.
  4. Understand the story gathering and story telling process in narrative non-fiction.
  5. Learn writing techniques to address the specific problems of writing true stories of imperfect people.

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I developed many of these strategies over several years as I wrote my book ‘Australia, Island of Refuge’. I wrote about this learning journey in my guest blog post for ‘A different kind of ending for stories of refugees‘.

I am now publishing my book serially online. Read what’s been published to date or subscribe for emailed links to new instalments every Friday.